Local Hire


Mission Rock project team is committed to hiring local and creating workforce opportunities while working closely with City and Community Based Organizations.

Employment opportunities will be listed here when available.

Mission Rock Community Pillars

Mission Rock is a shared dream of what a neighborhood means: welcoming to all, a launchpad for opportunity and innovation, a vision of connectivity, and a place where breathtaking architecture and design inspire unique social experiences. Our Community Pillars state the foundation of our commitments to each other, to the surrounding community, to this new neighborhood we are building together, and to the people who will make Mission Rock their home, their workspace, and their place of recreation.


  • Put people first
  • Make everyone feel welcome
  • Integrate equity into daily decisions

Foster Health and Well-being

  • Enable and support active lifestyles
  • Celebrate the whole person


  • Protect our environment
  • Honor this special waterfront place


  • Seek out and support minority and women owned businesses, Encourage entrepreneurship and small operators, Exceed City contracting requirements.

As part of the Mission Rock team, you will be called on to embody these principles in your work. Your submission underscores your commitment to our community and to the future we are creating together.